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learning path
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5 Lectures | 2 Labs | 12h 58m | Intermediate

In this learning path, you will learn the fundamental concepts of what configuration management is and how to implement it using a variety of popular services such as Terraform, Ansible, Puppet and Chef.

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Introduction to Ansible
Beginner | Coming Soon!

This course covers running an Ansible playbook configuration, cluster and using modules. We start with an introduction to Ansible, its architecture, and complete installation and setup. We then move to more detailed topics like Ansible galaxy, tasks, plays, vaults, loops, variables, conditions, exception handling.This course will wrap up by running Ansible playbooks and doing labs.

3 (7)
2h 19m | Beginner | Dec 11 2018 |

In this course, the student will learn about the Ansible ecosystem of tooling with a special focus on Ansible Automation. Students will use Ansible for system management and configuration as well as work with Ansible playbooks.

5 (1)
2h 16m | Beginner | Aug 28 2019 |

This course provides an overview of what Chef configuration management is, and how you can use it to optimize your server automated configuration process. Starting from an introduction to Chef Software, you will learn about the Chef architecture, how to author recipes and cookbooks, and applying those to your systems.The goal of this course is to share a lot of hands-on experience, allowing you to follow along with the live demos. After going through this course, you will have a good understanding of Chef capabilities, have learned how to deploy your Chef Server and configure your Chef Workstation. You will also have authored 2 cookbook recipes to deploy a Linux Apache Web Server and a Windows Web Server, and validated the configuration updates.

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2h 56m | Beginner | Jul 6 2019 |

This course is an introduction to Terraform concepts and configurations and demonstrates launching, changing and destroying resources on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. The course starts with an understanding of what Terraform is and why it’s an important tool for deploying reliable, repeatable cloud architectures and how to think about infrastructure as code. We will highlight the major concepts of terraform, the structure components of a Terraform configuration file and basic Terraform usage from the command-line. We will finish by walking through and example configuration and launching, changing and destroying resources on Microsoft Azure.

3 (2)
3h 25m | Intermediate | Aug 24 2019 |

This overview has been developed and targeted specifically towards system administratorsand software developers on a Linux platform, who want to automate the deployment of anapplication (installation, upgrades, configuration files) and/or provision or configurean entire system.

real-time lab
5 (1)
1h 15m | Beginner | Jun 3 2019 |

In this lab, you will create and deploy resources leveraging Ansible within the Azure CloudShell. This lab will guide you through the process of setting up the Azure CloudShell for use with Ansible. You will then create a Ansible Playbook from within the CloudShell and use it to deploy a virtual machine along with the dependant Azure resources.

real-time lab
5 (1)
45m | Beginner | Jun 1 2019 |

In this lab, you will create a Azure Virtual Machine leveraging Terraform within the Azure CloudShell. This lab will guide you through the process of setting up a service principal for Terraform and then deploying Azure Resources with a Terraform deployment file.