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Skill Me Up allows you to learn technology through the tried and true art of doing it yourself. Many people learn exceptionally well watching a video of someone else discussing a subject and others learn better by sitting down and getting your hands-dirty, with Skill Me Up we help with both!
How does it work?
SkillMeUp provides on-demand courses + live lab environments for a truly immersive learning experience. We provide everything you need (except your computer and Internet access!) to dig in and learn a subject.
How much does it cost?
With SkillMeUp you have two ways to pay:
  • Subscription based: Purchase a subscription that includes full course access and a set amount of learning credits. You can always purchase more credits if you need them.
  • Pay-as-you-go: Purchase learning credits and use them as needed for individual courses or labs
Is there a free trial?
There is a 72 hour free trial to experience on-demand courses plus credits to try out a Real Time Lab.
Browse all courses and labs here or take a look at our guided learning paths.
Who is SkillMeUp for?
  • Non-technical professionals that need to learn core technical skills to work in a modern office environment
  • New to career IT pros, security specialists, data specialists, and future developers that want to learn the basics of their trade
  • Experienced IT pros and operations specialists that want to stay up on the latest technologies in the cloud and enterprise software
  • Experienced software developers that need to stay focused on the latest technologies in the cloud and modern application development
  • Experienced technologists that specialize in data that need to learn modern technologies for storing, maintaining and analyzing data