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Skill Me Up offers vendor specific certification prep from technology companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Google and more. Additionally, we offer our own unique certification program where you can prove your skills in a live environment with expert proctors to measure your progress.

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You've put in the time and done the training. Now it is time to show off those mad skills! Become Skill Me Up Certified in many of today's hottest technologies and also choose certifications to key foundational and fundamental skillsets that prove to yourself, your employer and the world that you know how to work your way around an app, a database, workload, etc. Take on the Livehack challenge, get your solution validated by one of our coaches and earn the Acclaim badge.

Forget multiple choices test!

Really apply what you know and complete verified, Livehack challenges

Coaches provide pre-hack resources!

and are there to guide you though the challenge should you get stuck

earn Acclaim badges!

that are available to share on social media websites such as LinkedIn and Twitter

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