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Training Roadmap
Upcoming Online Courses, Labs and Learning Paths

  • Introduction to Terraform

    This course is an introduction to Terraform concepts and configurations and demonstrates launching, changing and destroying resources on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.  The course starts with an understanding of what Terraform is and why it’s an important tool for deploying reliable, repeatable cloud architectures and how to think about infrastructure as code.  We will highlight the major concepts of terraform, the structure components of a Terraform configuration file and basic Terraform usage from the command-line.  We will finish by walking through an example configuration and launching, changing and destroying resources on Microsoft Azure.

  • Introduction to Automation with Chef

    This course covers automating infrastructure with Chef, starting with an introduction as to why Chef is used in the enterprise and then moving in into the basic components of Chef.  After discussing the foundations of Chef, we’ll demonstrate automating a multi-tier deployment within both Azure and AWS clouds.