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Thomas Lee
<div>I started in the IT industry in 1988 – a time of mainframes and punch cards. I have been working with Microsoft products since 1981 – from DOS, to Windows To Windows NT and nw to Azure. I’ve taught, wrote and spoke about each wave of technology as it’s being rolled out. I have been awarded MVP status 17 times over the years and have been an MCT for 22 years. I blog on occasiont mainly about PowerShell and it’s usage.I am a regular non-shy user on Twitter (@DoctorDNS) and &nbsp;am active in the the Azure, Virtualisation, and PowerShell forums on SpiceWorks.Com. &nbsp;I’ve spoken many times to TechEd and related MS conferences around the world, and delivered the MS SI roll out trainng of Lync Server. I’ve written many books (mainlhy on TCP/IP and later on PowerShell), and for over 15 years wrote for the UK IT Trade Press. I live in a small cottage in a small village in rural England with my wife, daughter, a collection of Grateful Dead life recordings and a quite decent wine cellar.</div><div><br></div><div>I attended Carnegie Mellon University from 68-73, graduating with a BSc in Computer Problem Solving (a combinatin of computer science and phychology). After university I worked at ComShare developing their Time Sharing operating system. In 1977, I moved to ICL where I started working on another Operating System project, then joining the management team in product development. In 1981, I moved to what was then Arthur Andersen (now Accenture) and left in 1988 to form my own business which is still running successfully today.</div>
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Level : 300
Published : 06 Sep 2016
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