Azure Developer Specialist Bootcamp

Cloud Core + Azure = New Career in the Cloud

Complete 16 weeks of hands-on technical training and professional development that will give you the skills you need for a new career as a Microsoft Azure Developer Specialist.

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Class start March 22nd, 2021

Why take the Microsoft Azure Developer Specialist Bootcamp with Skill Me Up Academy?

Most people think it takes years of experience to start a career in the cloud. Here is the truth, it doesn't!

The Microsoft Azure Developer specialist program is the first step in your journey to getting a new career in the burgeoning industry of Cloud Computing as an IT Professional. It is designed to teach you the foundational skills that you would normally learn on the job. You will accelerate your learning through targeted, hands-on, and comprehensive training, with a full team of experts to teach you, guide you, and of course cheer you on as you progress through the program learning new technology as you go.

What does an Azure Developer specialist do?

Pretty much everything! As a software developer working with cloud computing, you will help companies build innovative new software applications or modernize existing ones to take advantage of capabilities that only the cloud provides. Everything from highly scalable web apps to new solutions using artificial intelligence (AI). Sounds impressive right? It is!

What will you learn?

One of the biggest challenges with newcomers into the IT industry is figuring out where to start and what to learn well. We have put together a program designed by industry experts that takes the guesswork on where to get started.

You will start by learning foundational technology topics, like internet architecture, data centers, source control, common terminology. From there you will learn programming foundations with C#, database design and development with Azure SQL Database, team based development on GitHub before progressing to learning core web development techniques with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and server side with ASP.NET. After your core your will take a deep dive into Azure Development and learn how to build cloud native apps using Platform as a Service (PaaS) and containers.

Cloud Core Azure Developer infographic

What certifications will you earn?

As you progress through the 16 week bootcamp you will earn badges from Skill Me UP Academy for mastering core developer C# and Web Development. From there, you will dive into Azure and be given everything you need to pass the Azure Fundamentals (AZ 900) and Azure Developer (AZ 204) certifications.
Certification prep includes: Exam vouchers, Exam practice tests, Instructor-Led training with Microsoft Official and Skill Me UP Academy curriculum, and unlimited hands-on labs.

Class Schedule

Attend live class 4 times per week (Mon-Thu) where you will learn from the best. You will also spend a significant amount of your time doing hands-on labs, challenges and working on your own using curated modules from LinkedIn Learning and Microsoft Learn.