Backup and Site Recovery in Azure

In this learning path, you will learn how to use the Azure Backup Service to protect workloads that reside on-premises, in Azure or even in other cloud providers. From there, you will learn how to use Azure Site Recovery to enable disaster recovery between on-premises and the cloud or between different regions in Azure.

4 (6)
2 Lectures
1 Labs
7h 5m
Apr 7 2019
On-Demand Course
Feb 16 2019

Hello, and welcome to the Implementing to Azure Backup course!This course comes in two sections. First, we'll introduce the Azure Backup service, and we'll give an overview of what it does and how it works. Secondly, we'll examine how to protect and recover Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) v...

Real Time Lab
Oct 3 2018
Skill Me Up
3h 45m

In this lab, you will configure Azure Site Recovery to protect a sample n-tier application by configuring replication from the source Azure region to a target Azure region. Once the initial replication has completed and the application is protected, you will perform a test fail over and validate app...

On-Demand Course
Nov 1 2018
2h 24m

In this course, students will learn how to implement disaster recovery for both on-premises and Azure-based applications using Azure Site Recovery.