IL - Cloud Workshop: App Modernization
Instructor-Led Training
1 Day
Onsite or Virtual
Course Overview

A cloud workshop is a 1-day event that consists of an overview of the technology, a deep dive whiteboard design session and Hands-on lab where participants will a subset of the solution.

In this workshop you will learn the basics on how to use Visual Studio tools for Xamarin to build fully native Android, iOS, and Windows apps, sharing between 60 – 90% of code across device platforms. Xamarin apps are fully native—native UI, native performance and 100% access to all device platform APIs. Anything you can do in Objective-C, Swift, and Java you can do in C# with Xamarin, only much faster thanks to code sharing and reuse. We then introduce PowerApps, Microsoft’s Business Application Platform, which enables non-developers to build intelligent, scalable apps for desktop and mobile devices on top of cloud and on-premises services without writing code. We then turn our focus to Microsoft Flow which works with PowerApps to provide process and task automation.This workshop includes: Whiteboard design session and Hands-on lab

  • Protect app secrets using Key Vault
  • Empower business users to create ad-hoc CRUD mobile apps with PowerApps
  • Centralize authorization across Azure services using AAD
  • Orchestrate between services such as Office 365 email and mobile using Flow
  • Use Search to make files full text searchable
  • Intermediate understanding of Microsoft Azure
  • Experience with Visual Studio

In this workshop, attendees will modernize legacy on-prem applications and infrastructure by leveraging several cloud services, and adding a mix of web and mobile services, all secured using AAD. Build native mobile applications with Xamarin, and enable business users to build ad-hoc CRUD apps with PowerApps. Enhance discoverability using Search to index and full-text search archived and new documents as they are created. Learn how to further empower the business users to create workflows that orchestrate between services such as Office 365 and mobile.

This workshop includes: Whiteboard design session and Hands-on lab

Dedicated Training
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Dedicated instructor-led training is designed for group training and is delivered by the experts at Opsgility. Delivery availability is anywhere in the world at your location or using advanced virtual training software.

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