IL - Azure Challenge - Azure Developer Fundamentals

Course Overview

Join this hands-on workshop where you will learn about building innovative solutions ´╗┐that leverage Azure Platform as a Service components such as Web Apps, Storage, CDN and more! From there, you will complete a live hand-on challenge in Azure to earn a badge!

In this challenge, you will be tasked to build a new web application using Microsoft Azure. These exercises will test your ability to work with a C# Asp.Net Web Application deployed to an Azure App Service.  You will leverage your knowledge to integrate Azure storage, the Azure Content Delivery Network, Azure App Configuration, CosmosDb, and Logic Apps.  Additional tasks will make sure you are familiar with Application Insights and using telemetry from your applications.

Course Details
  • Duration:
  • Level: 300

Who this course is designed for
  • .NET Developers new to Azure

  • Learn how to leverage Azure Storage in .NET Applications
  • Learn how to leverage Azure CDN in .NET Applications
  • Learn how to leverage Azure Web Apps with a .NET Application
  • Familiarity with Azure Development and PaaS Services


As a new hire software developer at Opsgility, your boss tells you a client has a new application they want built, but they want to see a proof of concept first. The client has provided a starting application they had built from a designer, and you job is to create the resources in Azure and implement storage and identity for the application.
In this Live Hackathon you or your team will be challenged to provide your skills in Azure Development by building a new .NET Web Application that leverages several Azure Platform as a Service services. 

Training Options

Dedicated Delivery

This course can be delivered dedicated to your team either virtually or onsite. A dedicated delivery allows deeper discussion with your team and our instructor on projects and workloads that are specific to your environment.

Customized Delivery

This course can be customized by adding or removing topics, going deeper on specific topics, or by customizing the delivery schedule to make it easier for your team to attend the training.

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