IL - Cloud Workshop: Data platform upgrade and migration

Course Overview

A cloud workshop is a 1-day event that consists of an overview of the technology, a deep dive whiteboard design session and Hands-on lab where participants will a subset of the solution.

In this Workshop you will learn how to upgrade from Oracle Databases and earlier SQL Server Databases to SQL Server 2016 and Azure SQL DB.  SQL Server 2016 on Windows Server 2016 (and now also available on Linux) will offer higher availability, greater performance and faster analytics.  SQL Server 2016 and Azure DB supports virtually any data, of any size, with any application on any platform. SQL Server 2016 also boasts the fastest In-Memory technology on the planet across workloads helping customers to take performance and throughput to another level. It is also possible to build a hybrid data platform with frequently accessed data in SQL Server 2016 and less frequently accessed data in Azure’s SQL Database. Attend this workshop to upgrade to these latest versions to take advantage of these benefits to increase protection from security vulnerabilities. This workshop includes: Whiteboard design session and Hands-on lab

Course Details
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Level: 400

Who this course is designed for
  • IT Professional
  • Database Administrator
  • Database Developer

  • Attendees will be better able to migrate from Oracle to SQL Server using SQL Server Migration Assistant and new SQL Server features
  • In addition:
  • Migrate between different SQL Server editions using Data Migration Assistant
  • Use advanced SQL Server features, such as JSON data store, table compression, TDE, and clustered ColumnStore indexing
  • Analyze and improve database performance
  • Implement high availability using Stretch Database and AlwaysOn Availability Groups
  • Intermediate understanding of Microsoft Azure IT
  • Knowledge of SQL Server


In this workshop, attendess will build a PoC and conduct a site analysis for a customer to compare cost, performance, and effort required to migrate from Oracle to SQL Server. Evaluate the dependent applications and reports that will need to be updated, and come up with a migration plan. Help the customer take advantage of new SQL Server features to improve performance and resiliency. Explore ways to migrate from an old version of SQL Server to the newest version, and consider the impact of migrating from on-prem to the cloud.

This workshop includes: Whiteboard design session and Hands-on lab

Training Options

Dedicated Delivery

This course can be delivered dedicated to your team either virtually or onsite. A dedicated delivery allows deeper discussion with your team and our instructor on projects and workloads that are specific to your environment.

Customized Delivery

This course can be customized by adding or removing topics, going deeper on specific topics, or by customizing the delivery schedule to make it easier for your team to attend the training.

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