IL - Developing with Azure Service Fabric

Course Overview

This course is intended to help new and experienced Azure developers understand how to best design solutions using Azure Service Fabric. This course is also useful for architects and technical leads using Azure Service Fabric and related Azure services in their application architecture.

This course starts with the fundamentals and provides complete coverage of designing and developing Service Fabric applications including life cycle management, containers, workloads and design patterns, and Service Fabric Mesh.

Course Details
  • Duration: 3 Days
  • Level: 300

Who this course is designed for
  • Software Developers

  • Understand the Service Fabric architecture
  • Understand the Service Fabric programming model
  • Understand the Service Lifecycle Management approach
  • Design scalable Service Fabric solutions using design patterns
  • Understand the Service Fabric Mesh platform.
  • Understand Azure PowerShell and Azure Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • Familiarity with cloud computing concepts
  • Familiarity with Azure
  • Familiarity with container concepts

Course Outline

MODULE 1: Fundamentals

This module covers designing and developing Service Fabric applications using stateless services, stateful services, and reliable actors.

In this module, students will learn about:
What is Service Fabric?
Stateless Services
Stateful Services
Actor Pattern
Service Deployments and Upgrades
Availability and Reliability
Scalability and Performance

MODULE 2: Service Life Cycle Management

This module focuses on the operations side and introduces how to manage Service Fabric clusters and how to manage, test, and diagnose Service Fabric applications.

In this module, students will learn about:
Service Fabric Scripting
Cluster Management
Diagnostics and Monitoring
Continuous Delivery

MODULE 3: Workloads and Design Patterns

This module introduces patterns and scenarios including practical design patterns and best practices in implementing typical application scenarios including scalable web applications, IoT, big data, and multi-tenant applications.

In this module, students will learn about:
Scalable Web
Scalable Interactive Systems
System Integration

MODULE 4: Service Fabric Mesh

This module introduces the fully managed Service Fabric Mesh, a microservice platform for business-critical applications.

In this module, students will learn about:
Service Fabric Mesh
Deploying microservices without management overhead
Deploying applications without managing infrastructure
Operational monitoring and alerting

MODULE 5:  Azure PowerShell and Azure CLI

In this module, students will learn about:
Azure PowerShell
Azure Command Line Interface (CLI)

Training Options

Dedicated Delivery

This course can be delivered dedicated to your team either virtually or onsite. A dedicated delivery allows deeper discussion with your team and our instructor on projects and workloads that are specific to your environment.

Customized Delivery

This course can be customized by adding or removing topics, going deeper on specific topics, or by customizing the delivery schedule to make it easier for your team to attend the training.

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