IL - Pricing Azure Infrastructure and Hybrid Solutions
Instructor-Led Training
1 Day
Onsite or Virtual
Course Overview
Early in the sales cycle it will be critical to have the tools and know-how to accurately price solutions in the cloud. Unfortunately, this can be daunting given the variance in pricing models for the different types of services in Azure. This class is designed to teach your sales and technical pre-sales resources how infrastructure and hybrid solutions are priced, and to give students practice in using available tools to arrive at accurate cost estimations. The end result will be sellers who can confidently price solutions early in the sales cycle, reducing the friction in closing opportunities. 
  • Understand billing models for Infrastructure and Hybrid solutions in Azure
  • Gain experience in accurately pricing Azure solutions using the Azure Pricing Calculator

An overview of pricing models for Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Hybrid Cloud components 

The course starts out with an overview of different pricing models for infrastructure services in Azure. Consideration will also be given to pricing Azure components that enable hybrid cloud, from Azure private cloud solutions to hybrid connectivity. To keep the class interactive, exercises will be interspersed throughout the pricing model content.

Service pricing models:

 Virtual machines
 Virtual networks

Hybrid connectivity
 Virtual network gateways

Hybrid cloud management/monitoring/security

Hybrid Identity
 Azure Active Directory

Training Scenario:

Pricing a ‘real-world’ hybrid cloud solution In this scenario, your team will be presented with a complex, real-world scenario, involving various services and solutions in Azure.  The team will then be tasked with pricing the solution, breaking down costs by line item, and also providing an all up cost per month and per year. Representatives from the customer team will present their pricing deliverable to the instructor and the rest of the class to receive peer-feedback. Finally, the instructor will present their pricing estimations, and the class will compare, contrast and discuss the results.

Dedicated Training
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