Design for Data Security and Compliance
Kerry Tyler
1 h 40 m
Lecture Overview
This course covers designing for data security and compliance. We will discuss securing source data access with endpoint security and authentication, securing data with encryption at rest and in transit. We will also cover data governance and compliance topics such as auditing, classification and data retention policies.

Related Learning Path(s):
DP-201: Designing an Azure Data Solution
  • The course demonstrates the steps Design for data security and compliance.
  • Basic knowledge of Azure
  • Implementing an Azure Data Solutions
Lecture Modules
This module will cover how to plan for secure endpoints, choose the appropriate authentication mechanism, such as access keys, shared access signatures (SAS), and Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)
This module will teach how to, design for data encryption for data at rest and in transit, design for data auditing and data masking, design for data privacy and data classification, design a data retention policy, plan an archiving strategy, plan to purge data based on business requirements.
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