Advanced Azure Resource Manager
Jonathan Tuliani
1 h 17 m
Lecture Overview
In this course, you will learn about Microsoft Azure Resource Manager which is the deployment and management service for resources in Azure. It is the consistent layer for creating, updating, and deleting resources in an Azure Subscription. This course will explain the architecture of resource manager and take a deep dive into topics such as resource providers and resources.

Related Learning Path(s):
Implementing Azure Resource Manager
  • Develop a deeper understanding of Azure
  • Understand internals of the Azure Resource Manager architecture, including the separation between Azure Resource Manager and the Resource Providers
  • Understand how to manage Azure resources using Azure Resource Manager REST API
  • Experience of managing Azure resources using both the Azure portal and either Azure PowerShell or the Azure CLI
  • Experience creating and deploying Azure resources using Resource Manager templates
Lecture Modules
This class is intended for experienced Azure professionals who are looking to gain a deeper understanding of Azure internals and Azure resource management.

The course starts with a very brief recap of what Azure Resource Manager is followed by some of its key features and benefits.

Next, we discuss resource providers. We explain what they are and how to manage resource providers for your subscription using the Azure portal, PowerShell, and CLI. We then discuss resources, explaining child resources, resource identifiers, and how resource properties are defined.

Having looked at resource providers and resources from the outside, we'll then take a detailed look at the internal architecture of Azure Resource Manager. This helps students understand how resource management operations are implemented internally in Azure and explains various aspects of Azure behavior.

We then explain in detail how resources can be managed by calling the Azure Resource Manager REST API directly. This API is the foundation upon which all other resource management tools are built. Understanding this API provides a solid foundation for Azure professionals to build their understanding of Azure, regardless of which toolset they use.

We wrap the course up with a detailed demonstration showing how to use the Azure Resource Manager REST API in practice.

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