Deploying and Managing Azure Application Gateway
Peter De Tender
0 h 52 m
Lecture Overview
This training explores Microsoft Azure Application Gateway, one of the powerful load balancing services we have available out of Azure PaaS solutions. This training starts with an explanation of what load balancing is, followed by describing the different Azure load balancing techniques that are available today. Students will also learn the business cases for when deploying an Azure Application Gateway, compared to other similar solutions available in Azure. The second module of this training provides an in-depth guidance on how to deploy Azure Application Gateway by using PowerShell and ARM-templates.

Related Learning Path(s):
  • Understand key capabilities of Azure Application Gateway
  • Compare Azure load balancing solutions
  • Understand Azure Application Gateway business use cases
  • Understand how Azure Application Gateway provides monitoring and health diagnostics
  • Learn how to deploy an Azure Application Gateway by using PowerShell cmdlets end-to-end
  • Learn how to deploy an Azure Application Gateway by using ARM-templates and JSON files
  • Understanding of (Azure) networking basics is required
  • Experience with a scripting environment such as PowerShell is recommended
Lecture Modules
In this module you will be introduced to Azure Application Gateway, starting with learning what load balancing is, what different load balancing solutions exist within Azure, and how they differentiate from each other. You will also learn typical usage scenarios for deploying Azure Application Gateway, as well as what monitoring and diagnostics mechanism are provided.
In this module we will describe an end-to-end configuration of deploying Azure Application Gateway by using PowerShell cmdlets. In the second section of this module, we will also walk you through the configuration by using Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates
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