Deploying and Autoscaling a VM Scale Set
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Lab Overview
Deploying and Autoscaling a VM Scale Set Overview In this lab, you will deploy a Virtual Machine scale set (VMSS). VM scale sets are a collection of identical VMs which can autoscale in and out as per the workload stress and it provides compute resource elasticity. VM scale sets are ideal for unpredictable workload pressure. A normal VM is suitable for scaling up and down (vertical scale), but a cloud-scale application requires scaling compute resource in and out (horizontal scale) which can be fulfilled by VM scale sets. You will also configure and customize autoscale rules. VMSS autoscale rules can be configured based on metrics such as CPU utilization, disk read/write, network traffic in/out, and specific day/time.

Related Learning Path(s):
Azure Solutions Architect Expert (AZ 303 and AZ 304)
  • Understand how to deploy a virtual machine scale set and configure an auto-scale rule to scale out and scale in based on the workload requirement.
  • Validate instances scale in and scale out by increasing and decreasing the workload stress.
In this exercise, you will deploy a virtual machine scale set (VMSS) that will have six instances (VMs). VMSS will automatically create other components such as a load balancer (LB), virtual network, and a public IP address. You will enable autoscale at the time of VMSS creation. You will also validate that instances(VMs) are scaling out and scaling in by increasing and decreasing the CPU utilization of instances respectively. Finally, you will customize autoscale rules.
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