Azure Cost Management and Optimization
Jonathan Tuliani
1 h 53 m
Lecture Overview
This is course seven of seven in the Implementing Azure Governance learning path. Cost management and cost optimization are key concerns of all Azure customers. In this class, students will first learn the principles of how Azure accounts are managed and billed. Next, students learn how a variety of commonly-used IaaS and PaaS resources are priced. This is followed by a deep-dive on cost optimization techniques you can to reduce your bill without impacting your applications. Finally, the class includes a deep-dive on Azure Cost Management, which enables you to track, analyze and forecast your Azure spend to providing accurate cost estimates and reduced billing risk.

Related Learning Path(s):
Implementing Azure Governance
  • Learn how to setup cost management
  • Understand how to price Azure services
  • Setup budgets, alerts, and spending analysis
  • AZ 900
  • Azure Infrastructure Fundamentals
  • Azure Resource Manager
Lecture Modules
This course forms part of the Azure Governance learning path here on This first module focuses on Azure billing, pricing, and cost optimization with the following topics : Azure Billing Overview, Azure Pricing Model,Cost Optimization, and Using the Azure Pricing Calculator.
This course forms part of the Azure Governance learning path here on In this second module, we'll show you how to use the Azure Cost Management service including the following topics: Introducing Azure Cost Management, Cost Analysis, Budgets and Alerts, and Invoices and Usage Data.
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