Azure IoT for Decision Makers
Chris Pietschmann
1 h 1 m
Lecture Overview
Welcome to the Azure IoT for Decision Makers course! In this course, we'll start with why companies are revolutionizing the way they do business by creating innovative new solutions using the power of IoT. We'll discuss several examples and common use cases. From there, we'll discuss the IoT journey your organization will take by identifying processes and data that can be used to transform parts of your business. We'll move on to discuss how these capabilities can be enabled through the power of Microsoft Azure and its suite of services that simplify the development of IoT based solutions. Finally, we'll wrap up with a discussion of industry specific IoT scenarios and close on IoT security and its impact in your solution.

Related Learning Path(s):
Azure for Business Professionals
  • Understand how IoT is being utilized as part of a bigger business revolution
  • Understand how to get started on an IoT journey in your organization
  • Understand how Microsoft Azure can be utilized to build powerful IoT based solutions
  • Understand many of the vertical solutions IoT is being utilized across business spectrum
  • Understand how IoT security impacts your solution and organization
Lecture Modules
In this module, you will learn why there is so much buzz around IoT based solutions. We'll look at real numbers and real companies to learn how they are innovating and creating solutions that range from increasing efficiency and cutting costs to increasing annual revenue substantially by the introduction of new IoT based services and solutions.
In this module, you will learn the basics of how to get started with thinking about IoT solutions in your business. We'll start with thinking about offerings and how to increase efficiency by reducing costs and eliminating bottlenecks, and then move to understanding how to drive innovation and increase revenue using your existing assets, and finally we'll discuss ideas on how to create new business models.
In this module, we'll get tactical and look at what are the components of an IoT solution and how the different data points and interactions combine to a realistic solution. From there, we'll review the suite of offerings that Microsoft Azure provides that map back to each component and how they can be utilized to simplify the creation, management and scale of your IoT solution.
In this module, we'll review several industry specific solutions and use cases to provide more insight into the creative array of solutions other organizations are currently using IoT for today. 
In this final module, we'll discuss some of the challenges your organization will face as you go down the path of building an IoT solution. We'll answer many of your questions and give you the guidance you'll need to help navigate the journey to securing IoT from the perspective of a business professional.
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