Azure Monitoring and Operations
Shannon Kuehn
6 h 15 m
Lecture Overview
This course will cover the history of monitoring in Azure, demystify what all the Azure native monitoring tools look like, provide guidance on when to use what + why or when, walk through Azure Monitor Alerts (metrics and diagnostics), dive into Log Analytics/Kusto Query Language (KQL), discuss parts of the former OMS, dig into Azure Backup + Azure Site Recovery, go over Azure Automation, and explore Application Insights.This course will provide the necessary primer into monitoring using Azure native tooling.

Related Learning Path(s):
Monitoring and Operations in Azure
  • This course will provide IT operations and infrastructure personnel with a better frame of reference for monitoring workloads and resources in Azure. Additionally, students will gain a better understanding of how to position operations tasks using the Azure Resource Manager model.
  • Basic knowledge of Azure compute
Lecture Modules
Module 1 covers the history of the OMS (Operations Management Suite), the introduction of Azure Monitor, and will detail out all the Azure native tooling to complete the tool chain for operations personnel.
Module 2 takes a deeper dive into Azure Monitor and setting up alerts.
Module 3 will cover a deep dive into Log Analytics.
Module 4 dives deep into the Kusto query language to better understand how to quickly query log information and make use of that data. 
Module 5 digs into what Azure Backup, Azure Site Recovery, and Azure Automation.
Module 6 outlines what Application Insights is and why operations personnel need to know what it can do within the native tool chain for Azure Monitoring.
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