Building a Chat Bot with the Azure Bot Service
1 h 40 m
Lab Overview
In this lab, you will create a knowledge base in QnA Maker and connect it to a bot using the Azure Bot Service. Then you will interact with the bot using Teams — one of many popular services with which bots built with the Azure Bot Service can integrate.

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  • Create a knowledge base and populate it with data
  • Publish an Azure Web App Bot from the knowledge base
  • Implement bots in code and use continuous integration to keep them up to date
  • Debug bots locally using Visual Studio Code and the Microsoft Bot Framework Emulator
  • Plug a bot into Teams and interact with it there
  • Basics of Azure Platform as a Service
In this exercise, you will use QnA Maker to create a knowledge base containing questions such as "What NFL teams have won the most Super Bowls" and "What is the largest city in the world?" Then you will deploy the knowledge base in an Azure Web app so it can be accessed via an HTTPS endpoint.
The next step in creating a bot is to provide a location for the bot to be hosted in Azure. Azure Web Apps are perfect for hosting bot applications, and the Azure Bot Service is designed to provision them for you. In this exercise, you will use the Azure portal to provision an Azure Web App Bot from QnA Maker and then you will test it in portal.
In this exercise, you will use Visual Studio Code to place the code in a local Git repository and publish the bot to Azure by pushing changes from the local repository to a remote repository connected to the Azure Web App that hosts the bot — a process known as continuous integration.
In this exercise, you will learn how to use Visual Studio Code and the emulator to debug your bots.
In this exercise, you will add the bot to your Teams chat and carry on a conversation with it in Teams.
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