Building APIs with ASP.NET Core
Kevin Griffin
3 h 13 m
Lecture Overview
As web applications grow in popularity and we see a greater uptick in web frameworks, creating robust application programming interfaces (APIs) for internal and external use is becoming increasingly more important.This course will teach developers the fundamentals of building APIs with ASP.NET Core, including testing, validation, and designing interfaces that will allow them to be good API citizens.

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Building APIs with ASP.NET Core
  • This course takes a structure approach to building APIs. You will begin with some insight into different ways applications communicate, and why HTTP-based APIs tend to be the standard for most services and applications.
  • You’ll start with an overview of how ASP.NET Core approaches RESTful API development, and we will build on that foundation by teaching you how to build APIs capable of CREATING, READING, UPDATING, and DELETING data.
  • Along the way, you’ll learn how to structure your URIs and responses so that developers calling your API know what to expect.
  • You’ll also learn how to properly debug APIs with Postman.
  • Finally, if you’re maintaining a public facing API, you will learn about API versioning and documentation so other developers can pickup your API without any handholding.
  • By the end of the course, you will have all the skills necessary to build a robust API from the ground up.
  • Basic knowledge of C#
Lecture Modules
In this module, we’ll discuss a couple ways that applications communicate and how web-based APIs have really come up as the most common way to do this. We’ll explore HTTP concepts which will come into play in later discussions.  And then we’ll explore what RESTful APIs and what Operational APIs are, and what the major differences between the two are.
Module 2 covers the basics necessary for testing APIs in a development environment.  Postman is consider the defacto standard tool for formulating repeatable HTTP requests. 
Description: Module 3 covers setting up an ASP.NET Core application for building an API.  It will discuss configuration details necessary to build a simple API to return data.
 Module 4 covers route design, as it’s a fundamental piece of development an API.  Intelligent routes are easy to interpret and develop against.
Module 5 covers the skills necessary to build API endpoints capable of creating, updating, and deleting data.  This includes model binding and model validation to ensure that good data enters the application.
Module 6 discusses the various ways to return a response to an HTTP client.  This includes which HTTP status codes to use for different situations, and how to appropriately handle errors which occur within your API.
 Module 7 covers API Versioning, which allows developers to maintain continue iterating on features without breaking their APIs for existing users.
Module 8 covers API Documentation, an important feature for APIs which are public facing.  ASP.NET Core provides support for Swagger, an open source API documentation toolset.
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