Building a Fully Functional Web App with ASP.NET Core
3 h 50 m
Pausable for 72 hours
Lab Overview
In this lab, you will use Visual Studio to learn the fundamentals of building out web applications using DotNet Core. You will learn about using the Razor language to create views, and create controllers behind the scenes. This lab will also cover fundamentals such as configuring routing, using data models, and basic data access using Entity Framework (EF).

Related Learning Path(s):
Introduction to .NET Development
In this exercise we will install the Dotnet core sdk and create a project and complete basic project setup using the CLI
In this exercise we will begin with the setup of our Razor Pages Application Employee Time which will in this course allow
our company to begin keeping track of the time our employees work with the goal of allowing us later to see yearly trends over time.
In this exercise, we will Work with Controllers and learn about Routing.
This Lab will enable the student to create models both through the dialog box and also add properties to existing models Implement data validation and also create there own custom data validator.
At the end of this Lab the student will have experience with setting up the ApplicationDBContext and setting up migrations.
The student will learn how to create basic Razor Pages in visual studio using the dialog box.
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