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Building IoT Solutions with Azure
Chris Pietschmann
3 h 53 m
Lecture Overview
This course provides a comprehensive introduction to designing and implementing Internet of Things (IoT) solutions on Microsoft Azure. The course covers both directions of message flow from device-to-cloud and cloud-to device, building analytics solutions atop the real-time telemetry, managing devices and securing the solution.
Lecture Modules
In this module, we’ll start by discussing what IoT is, then we’ll discuss some basics around IoT Messaging as well as the Azure services available for building Internet of Things solutions in the cloud.

In this module, we’ll start by discussing the various IoT Devices and Platform available for building hardware Internet of Things devices. Then we’ll discuss the Azure Certified for IoT program and finally the different starter kits available for getting started building your hardware-based IoT devices.

In this module, we’ll discuss IoT Messaging Architecture in more detail. Then we’ll go into using the Azure IoT Hub to facilitate messaging with IoT Devices and send event data into the cloud. We’ll also discuss storage of event data by covering what the different storage options are in Azure. Finally, we’ll wrap up the module by going over Azure Event Hubs, and why you might use IoT Hub or Event Hubs for your messaging solutions.

In this module, we’ll discuss the details on when and how you would use Field Gateways and Protocol Gateways in IoT solutions. We’ll also discuss how to build Gateways using the Azure IoT Gateway SDK.

In this module, we’ll discuss implementing Real-Time processing in an IoT solution. We’ll start by discussing stream processing using HDInsight and Azure Stream Analytics. Then we’ll talk about the purpose of Batch Processing and how it fits with a Lambda Architecture. We’ll also cover the features of both Azure Web Apps and Azure Functions for implementing background processing as part of real-time analytics and batch processing data paths.

In this module, we’ll discuss more detail surrounding Cloud-to-Device messaging and sending Command and Control messages to IoT Devices. We’ll discuss the features of Azure IoT Hub for Device Management such as the Device Lifecycle, the Device Registry, and Device Twins.

In this module, we’ll discuss what Machine Learning is and what Azure Machine Learning has to offer. We’ll get into some of the specifics of how to use Azure Machine Learning to add intelligence and gain insights into your data. We’ll also discuss what Cortana Intelligence Suite offers.

In this module, we’ll discuss managing IoT devices and device provisioning with Azure IoT Hub. We’ll also discuss a couple IoT security vulnerabilities from recent past and why IoT Security is very important. We’ll discuss IoT Security best practices by dividing an IoT Architecture into several security zones, as well as other tips from both the hardware and software side of security.

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