Building Solutions with Azure Logic Apps
Chris Pietschmann
1 h 8 m
Lecture Overview
Logic Apps are a fully managed PaaS service that is part of the Azure App Service service. Logic Apps allows any technical user or developer the ability to automate business process execution and workflow via an easy-to-use visual designer or with Visual Studio. Students will obtain an understanding of the Logic App features and get practical experience with building Logic App workflows.

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Lecture Modules
This first module will provide an overview to give you an understanding of what functionality is available with Azure Logics App. We’ll start with explaining what Azure Logic Apps is, and its relationship to Azure App Service. Then we’ll discuss what Logic App Connectors and Templates are, as well as the different Extensibility option, and how Azure Logic Apps Pricing works. Finally, we’ll finish the module with a demo of creating a simple Logic App to give you a view of what everything we discussed looks like in action.
In this second module, we will cover topics around how to build out Workflow automation using Azure Logic Apps. We’ll start with covering the different options for authoring Logic Apps. Next we’ll cover the specifics on how Workflows are defined with JSON, and how to do some programming within them using Workflow Expressions. Then we’ll explore how to Integrate Azure Logic Apps within a solution; including XML and B2B processing, as well as integrating with Custom APIs. Finally, we’ll get into how to Publish Logic Apps and manage deployments. Then we’ll finish up the module with a Demo of the publishing process.
In this third module, we will cover topics around the areas of Azure Logic Apps Monitoring and Diagnostics.
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