Azure Challenge - Microsoft Azure 101
1 h 10 m
Lab Overview
In this challenge, you will be tasked to complete a variety of basic Azure administration tasks. These exercises will test your familiarity with the Azure portal and the most commonly-used Azure services. Each challenge is validated automatically so pay close attention to the requirements in each challenge. If you successfully complete all of the challenges during the time frame, you will be earn the Azure 101 Certification badge from Skill Me UP from Acclaim.

Related Learning Path(s):
Azure Challenges - Test your Azure Skills and Earn a Badge!
  • Understand how to create and manage a virtual machine in Azure
  • Understand the basics of user creation and administration
  • Understand how to configure and leverage Azure Security Center
  • Understand how to use Azure Cloud Shell
  • Understand how to deploy solutions from the Azure Marketplace
In this challenge, you will create the most fundamental Infrastructure-as-a-Service resource: a virtual machine.
In this challenge, you will perform some basic operations actions on the virtual machine created in challenge 1.
Identity and access control are critical features of any cloud service. In this challenge, you will create and assign permissions to an Azure user.
Azure Security Center provides essential security guidance on Azure security and best practices, as well as a range of security features. In this challenge you will configure the Security Center pricing tier for your subscription.
As well as using the Azure Portal, Azure resources can be managed using command-line tools: Azure PowerShell and the Azure CLI. You can install these tools locally, or use them via the 'Cloud Shell' which provides a browser-based command line interface. In this challenge, you'll try the Azure Cloud Shell for yourself.
In this final challenge, you need to deploy an open-source WordPress application running as a Web App (a PaaS service for hosting web applications). The underlying database used by the WordPress application must also be hosted as a PaaS service.
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