Azure Challenge - Azure Developer Fundamentals
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Lab Overview
In this challenge, you will be tasked to build a new web application using Microsoft Azure. These exercises will test your ability to work with a C# Asp.Net Web Application deployed to an Azure App Service. You will leverage your knowledge to integrate Azure storage, the Azure Content Delivery Network, Azure App Configuration, CosmosDb, and Logic Apps. Additional tasks will make sure you are familiar with Application Insights and using telemetry from your applications. Each challenge is validated automatically so you will need to pay close attention to the requirements in each challenge. If you successfully complete all of the challenges during the time frame, you will earn the Azure Developer Fundamentals Certification badge from Skill Me UP, issued via Acclaim.

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  • Azure App Services
  • Azure Application Insights
  • Azure Storage
  • Azure CDN
  • Azure App Configuration
  • CosmosDb
  • Azure Logic Apps
In this challenge you will build and deploy an application to an Azure App Service. You will also leverage Application Insights for telemetry.
In this challenge, you will implement an Azure Storage Solution. You will use the storage to hold and serve images in the web application deployed in challenge 1.
In this challenge, you will create an implement an Azure CDN solution to optimize the performance of your application. You will also implement custom event telemetry with Application Insights.
In this challenge you will remove senstive information from the appsettings.json file and leverage an Azure App Configuration to retrieve the information. You will also set a managed identity on the App Service for reading configuration information.
To complete the Azure Developer Fundamentals challenge, you will implement a storage solution using CosmosDb. You will leverage an event from the storage container on upload of a new image from an Azure Logic App. The Logic App will create a CosmosDb Document from the event information and store the document in the appropriate CosmosDb Container.
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