Azure Challenge - Azure Infrastructure as a Service Fundamentals
1 h 30 m
Lab Overview
As the new IT Professional for Contoso Mortgage, you are responsible for setting up infrastructure in the cloud. Contoso Mortgage has chosen Microsoft Azure as their cloud provider of choice. The closest Azure region to their headquarters is Central US. To try out the service, you have been asked to setup a new highly-available web server in Contoso Mortgages Azure subscription. In this lab, you will be challenged to complete the web server setup through a series of challenges. The lab will validate that each challenge has been completed correctly, so pay close attention to the requirements in each challenge. If you successfully complete all of the challenges during the time allowed, you will earn the Azure Infrastructure Fundamentals Challenge certification badge from Skill Me UP, issued via Acclaim.

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Before you can deploy any virtual machines, you need to setup the network. The Contoso Mortgage network team has provided you some configuration information to use to ensure that the network in Azure is compatible with existing network infrastructure.
Now that your virtual network is setup properly you can deploy some virtual machines to host your website.
In this challenge, we are providing the instructions to setup the web server since this challenge is all about Azure and not focused on Windows Server.
To ensure you are following the requirements that the Contoso Mortgage network team asked of you for resiliency, you are now tasked with configuring the load balancer for the two virtual machines you have deployed.
The final task to configure before handing off the new infrastructure to the web team is to configure the virtual machines for backup.
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