Azure Challenge - Azure IaaS Operations
2 h 45 m
Lab Overview
In this challenge, your lab environment will pre-provisioned with an initial deployment of IaaS resources. You will then be challenged to complete a series of operations tasks on this environment. These include configuring the VM Insights solution and enabling automatic enrollment of virtual machines, using Azure Resource Graph to explore the deployed resources, and building an Azure Monitor Workbook. The lab will validate that each challenge has been completed correctly, so pay close attention to the requirements in each challenge. If you successfully complete all of the challenges during the time allowed, you will earn the Azure Infrastructure Operations Challenge certification badge from Skill Me UP, issued via Acclaim.

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In this challenge, you will deploy the Azure VM Insights solution and enable automatic VM enrollment.
In this challenge you will use Azure Resource Graph Explorer to query your deployed resources. You will write a custom query showing the power of the Resource Graph.
In this challenge, you will create a custom Azure Monitor Workbook, demonstrating a range of workbook features.
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