Azure Challenge - Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) Operations
2 h 30 m
Lab Overview
A new customer, Fruit Smashers, has approached to you take on the management and operations of one or more containerized applications which are hosted in an existing Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) cluster. Currently, a popular website for rating fruit smoothie flavors - Fruit Smoothies by Fruit Smashers - is deployed in the cluster and a new application will be coming online shortly to allow guests to Fruit Smashers corporate headquarters to leave messages about the favorite part of their visit. While the existing platform and underlying deployment(s) meet the needs of the business, Fruit Smashers plans to grow their online presence significantly as more customers move to online ordering exclusively. They need to update their platform and operations practices to meet these anticipated growth demands. Note: This environment takes up to 30 minutes to deploy.

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Fruit Smashers' are ready to adopt the latest features of AKS to better position themselves for security and access control, starting with their Fruit Smoothie ratings application. You will then need to migrate the existing application to a dedicated namespace, with access limited to the Smooth Devs team, authenticated using Azure AD. You'll also need to clean up any legacy components.
Fruit Smashers would like to onboard a new application. This must be isolated using a dedicated node pool and a separate namespace, accessible only to the Better Devs team.
Now that your applications are up and running on their new infrastructure, it is time to implement a solution for monitoring cluster, node, pod, and container health, using Azure Dashboards and Azure Monitor Workbooks.
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