Configure and Manage Virtual Networks
Jonathan Tuliani
3 h 2 m
Lecture Overview
In this course, students will learn about the core Azure networking features available to Azure Virtual Machines. This module teaches students how Virtual Machine networking is implemented, for external connections to the Internet, for internal connections within Virtual Networks, and for connections to on-premises networks. Students learn how to control network access with Network Security Groups and Application Security Groups as well as how to control network flows with User-Defined Routes. The course finishes with a detailed discussion of both Internet-facing and Intranet-facing DNS scenarios in Azure.

Related Learning Path(s):
Lecture Modules
In this module, students will learn about some of the core networking features of Azure starting with an introduction to virtual networks and subnets. Students will also be introduced to IP address resources, network interfaces, and how they work together to form the networking stack of virtual machines.
In this module, students will learn about network flows and how to control and route traffic within Azure virtual networks. This includes examining Network Security and Application Security Groups (NSGs and ASGs) as well as user-defined routes and forced tunneling. Students will also be introduced to scenarios for Network Virtual Appliances (NVAs) and VNet Service Endpoints.
In this module, students will learn how to connect Azure Virtual Networks - both to each other and to other environments for cross-premises and hybrid connectivity. This includes virtual network VPN capabilities with both Point-to-Site and Site-to-Site connectivity as well as MPLS connectivity with ExpressRoute. Additionally, students will be introduced to VNet Peering and the Virtual Datacenter.
In this module, students will explore the DNS services and features in Azure. This includes examining how Azure supports domain name resolution for Internet-facing domains using Azure DNS as well as various approaches to private, Intranet-based name resolution. This module closes with a discussion of reverse DNS scenarios in Azure.
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