Querying An Azure Cosmos DB Database using the SQL API
4 h 10 m
Lab Overview
In this lab, you will query an Azure Cosmos DB database instance using the SQL language. You will use features common in SQL such as projection using SELECT statements and filtering using WHERE clauses. You will also get to use features unique to Azure Cosmos DB’s SQL API such as projection into JSON, intra-document JOIN and filtering to a range of partition keys.

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AZ - 204 Azure Developer
Developing Solutions with Azure Cosmos DB
You will need to create an Azure Cosmos DB database and collection that you will use throughout the lab. You will also use the **Azure Data Factory (ADF)** to import existing data into your collection.
The Azure Cosmos DB Data Explorer allows you to view documents and run queries directly within the Azure Portal. In this exercise, you will use the Data Explorer to query the data stored in our collection.
After using the Azure Portal's **Data Explorer** to query an Azure Cosmos DB collection, you are now going to use the .NET SDK to issue similar queries.
You will use the **HasMoreResults** boolean property and **ExecuteNextAsync** method of the **ResourceResponse** class to implement paging of your query results. Behind the scenes, these properties use a continuation token. A continuation token enables a client to retrieve the ‘next’ set of data in a follow-up query.
With an unlimited container, you may wish to perform queries that are filtered to a partition key or perform queries across multiple partition keys. You will now implement both types of queries using the various options available in the **FeedOptions** class.
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