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Lab: Creating and Managing Azure VMs with Azure CLI 2.0


In this lab, you will use the Azure cross-platform CLI tools (version 2.0) to learn the fundamentals of creating and managing Azure Virtual Machines.

  • Estimated time required to complete: 2 hours, 20 minutes
  • You will have access to this environment for 3 hours, 0 minutes

Learning Objectives

  • Setup your Mac or a Windows computer to access Azure
  • Authenticate to Microsoft Azure using the CLI tools
  • Configure and manage ARM policies and tags
  • Manage Role Based Access Control
  • Deploy an ARM template from GitHub and CLI
  • Create and manage virtual machines and virtual networks
  • Configure the load balancer


Exercise 1: Starting the Azure Cloud Shell

In this exercise, you will login to the Azure Management portal to start the cloud shell. 

Exercise 2: Create an Azure Virtual Network
In this lab, you will use the Azure CLI to deploy a new resource group, and create a virtual network. 
Exercise 3: Create Azure Virtual Machines
In this lab, you will use the Azure CLI to deploy a storage account, network settings and virtual machines. 
Exercise 4: Using Virtual Machine Extensions
Now that you have created virtual machines in Azure, you will configure them leveraging Azure’s virtual machine extensions.  In this lab, you will configure the web server with PHP and Apache and MySQL on the database virtual machine.
Exercise 5: Basics of Management

In this exercise, you will use the Azure CLI to view the status of your virtual machine and learn how to stop and start it.  You will also learn other management activities such as attaching additional storage, working with virtual networks and network security groups.

Exercise 6: Configuring a Load Balancer

In this exercise, you will use the Azure CLI to deploy a second virtual machine in the same availability set and then configure the load balancer on port 80.

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