C# .Net Core Hello World
1 h 45 m
Pausable for 8 hours
Lab Overview
Welcome to the world of development! Were so excited that you have decided to jump in and use our labs to learn the invaluable skills associated with development. C#.Net is one of the worlds most popular programming languages and the opportunities and possibilities for a C#.Net developer are endless. With the skills you gain as a C#.Net developer, and with lots of practice and specialization, youll be able to build processes to manage and automate daily tasks, applications to respond to Internet of Things (IOT) devices, phone, device, and web solutions, major line-of-business applications, and even games for PC, XBox, and other devices. This lab is just the beginning, and were honored to be a part of your journey to become a C#.Net developer. By the end of this lab youll have created and executed your first .Net C# program, youll understand the different pieces and tools associated with creating C# programs, and, as Jedi Master Ben Kenobi noted in the original Star Wars movie (Star Wars IV: A New Hope), youll have taken your first step into a much larger world!

Related Learning Path(s):
Programming Fundamentals with C#
  • Gain the ability to create new projects in Visual Studio using C# .Net.
  • Understand the difference between a solution and a project in .Net
  • Understand why C# solution and project files are important, and how to review them
  • Learn how to build and run a C# .Net program
  • Modify and run your first program in C#
  • Understand what happens when you have errors in your C#.Net application
  • Changing your Visual Studio preferences
  • Tracking active files in Visual Studio
  • Using Visual Studio Extensions
In this exercise, you will begin your journey by getting started with Visual Studio. You will build and run your first program.
In this exercise, you will learn about VS2019 and how the various files, folders, projects, and solutions work together to provide a robust and powerful development Experience. You'll conclude this exercise by breaking and fixing your code to see a bit about building and running your C#.Net program.
In this exercise, you will learn how to add extensions into Visual Studio to help you when you are writing code. There are hundreds of useful extensions, but there are a few that ***should*** be considered as essential. In this exercise, we will import an extension and cover how to use it. This knowledge will aid you greatly in your efficiency as a developer.
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