Enabling Team Based Data Science with Azure Databricks
1 h 45 m
Lab Overview
In this lab you will be able to explain why Azure Databricks can be used to help in Data Science projects. You will provision and Azure Databricks instance and will then create a workspace that will be used to perform a simple data preparation task from a Data Lake Store Gen II store. Finally, the student will perform a walk-through of performing transformations using Azure Databricks.

Related Learning Path(s):
DP-200: Implementing an Azure Data Solution
  • Explain Azure Databricks
  • Work with Azure Databricks
  • Read data with Azure Databricks
  • Perform transformations with Azure Databricks

In this exercise you will create an Azure Storage account and upload data to a container in the storage account.

In this exercise, you will create and configure a storage account configured as a Data Lake Store Gen II storage type. You will then create a file system on the Data Lake Store and upload data to into the file system.

In this exercise, you will use Azure Storage Explorer to upload data to your data lake.

In this exercise, you will create an Azure Databricks workspace and a Databricks cluster.
In this exercise, you will configure your Azure Databricks cluster to connect and read data from your Azure Data Lake Store.
In this exercise, you will perform basic transformations with Azure Databricks including retrieving a specific columns in a dataset, renaming columns in a dataset, adding annotations and other basic transformations.
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