Deploy and Manage Virtual Machines (VMs)
Peter De Tender
4 h 28 m
Lecture Overview
This course teaches IT Professionals how to create and manage virtual machines as part of an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) computing infrastructure. Students learn how to assess their on-premises environment for virtual machine readiness in preparation for moving resources to the cloud to include sizing, pricing, and design considerations.Next, students learn how to create and deploy virtual machines in Azure using the Azure portal, PowerShell, and ARM templates. The course includes instruction on deploying custom images and Linux virtual machines. Then, students learn how to configure the networking and storage components of virtual machines. Deploying highly available virtual machines is critical in the light of planned and unplanned events, and students learn how to use availability sets to ensure that virtual machine resources are available during downtime followed by how to use extensions and Desired State Configuration (DSC) for post deployment automation and configuration tasks.Finally, students learn how to perform virtual machine backups and how to use Azure’s monitoring capabilities to collect, view, and analyze virtual machine diagnostic and log data.

Related Learning Path(s):
Lecture Modules
In this module, we discuss the topic of Azure Virtual Machines. First, we will discuss Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS), and map it with Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) differences. You will also learn about what it takes to deploy Virtual Machines from an Operating System supportability standpoint. Other subjects we will discuss in this module are Azure VM Tiers and Families.
In this module, we cover the topic of Azure Virtual Machine availability. We will cover different topologies and architectures as well as optimizing your SLA of VM workloads.
In this module, we will focus on Azure Storage. We will begin from a high-level overview of what Azure Storage offers as a capability. We will also zoom in more on Azure storage for virtual machines.
In this module, we will guide you through several Azure VM Operations. This includes deployment, resizing, deallocate and redeployment of VMs. Finally, we will cover password management and resets.
In this module, we will bring on the topic of automating your Azure VM configurations. Subjects like scripting, Azure automation, configuration management and VM extensions will be discussed to include why and how to use them for different purposes.

In this course, we'll start with a brief overview of what Resource Manager Templates are, their advantages, and why you should use them. An overview of JavaScript Object Notation will be presented, which is the file format Resource Manager Templates are written in. Next, we’ll take a close look at the structure of a Resource Manager Template, so you understand how a template is put together. We'll then present some examples showing how the basic resources in an Azure IaaS deployment are described in a template.

Having seen how to create a template, the next section looks at template deployment. We'll discuss various ways to deploy a template, some deployment options, and provide some tips on how to troubleshoot deployment errors. Next, we'll dive into how more Azure IaaS features (e.g., load balancing and high availability) are incorporated into a template.

We will wrap up this module with a look at some additional resource manager template topics (e.g., loops, nested and linked deployment) as well as how to handle secrets using Key Vault. We'll also provide some references with lots of example templates you can use as starting points for your own deployments or as references for further study.

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