Deploy Azure IoT Edge Module to Simulated Linux Device
0 h 40 m
Lab Overview
In this lab, you will setup, configure, and deploy an Azure IoT Edge Device that communicates with Azure IoT Hub. The IoT Edge Device will be a simulated device running in an Ubuntu Linux Virtual Machine.

Related Learning Path(s):
Building IoT Apps on Azure
  • Register Azure IoT Edge Device with Azure IoT Hub
  • Deploy a Module to an Azure IoT Edge Device
  • Deploy a Simulated IoT Edge Device using Linux
  • Basic understanding of Internet of Things (IoT) concepts
  • Experience with Microsoft Azure
  • Experience with the Command-line / Bash shell
In this exercise, you will provision an Azure IoT Hub instance, and an Ubuntu VM to use for the Simulated Device.
In this exercise, you will register an IoT Edge Device within the Azure IoT Hub Device Registry. You will also configure the IoT Edge Device to deploy an IoT Edge Custom Module that will deploy out a Docker Image to run on the IoT Edge Device.
In this exercise, you will setup and configure an Azure IoT Edge Device with a Module deployed that will send device telemetry to the Azure IoT Hub endpoint.
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