Deploying a request splitting ambassador with NGINX and Kubernetes on AKS
1 h 20 m
Lab Overview
In this lab we'll guide you through the steps to deploy a request splitting ambassador that will split 10% of the incoming HTTP requests to an experimental server and the rest to a primary web server using Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). This pattern is commonly used for testing new features or user experience to a small subset of users.

Related Learning Path(s):
Implementing Containers on Azure
AZ - 204 Azure Developer
AZ - 104 Azure Administrator
  • Understand how to implement the request splitting ambassador pattern with Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
  • Basic understanding of containers and Kubernetes
In this exercise, you will login to the Azure Portal with your lab credentials. 
In this exercise, an AKS cluster is deployed using the Azure CLI that will be used for deploying the sample application.

In this exercise, you will deploy the main web server that will accept 90% of the traffic for the application.
In this exercise, you will create a simple load balancing service that returns a fixed string for an HTTP request.
In the previous steps you learned how to create a custom NGINX configuration to return a fixed string from an NGINX implementation and how to create a ConfigMap that can be read by Kubernetes when deploying your service.
In this exercise, you will learn how to test your deployment as well as common commands to run to view logs and further debug your Kubernetes Pod Deployment.
´╗┐In this exercise, you will learn how to monitor your deployment.
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