Design and Implement Microsoft 365 Services
Amy Babinchak
1 h 30 m
Lecture Overview
This course covers designing and implementing a Microsoft 365 tenant. This course starts with creating a new tenant, creating the domain then continue through setting up users and importing your data. It also includes a module on management and monitoring the environment.This course will teach the foundational skills required to begin your journey to completing the Microsoft 365 Identity and Services exam. It is one of the prerequisite requirements for the earning the Microsoft 365 Certified Enterprise Administrator Expert certification.

Related Learning Path(s):
MS - 100 Identity and Services with Microsoft 365
  • This course will educate you on planning for and managing a new Microsoft 365 tenant. It will be heavy on the how-to part with a lot of work in happening in the admin portal.
  • A Microsoft 365 Tenant that you can use for hands on labs.
  • A computer for writing and running remote PowerShell.
  • Exposure to and use of the Microsoft 365 Admin Center.
  • Basic administrative experience with Office 365.
  • A knowledge of basic PowerShell scripting.
Lecture Modules

This module will cover planning your Microsoft 365 infrastructure for integration with your on-premises infrastructure.  You will learn about how to plan for Microsoft 365 on-premises infrastructure and how to plan an identity and authentication solution.  

This module will cover creating your tenant, upgrading any existing subscriptions to get your Microsoft 365 tenant created, and administrator roles and licensing.  You will learn about how to configure subscription and administrator roles and workload settings, evaluate Microsoft 365 for organization, plan and create tenants, upgrade existing subscriptions of Microsoft 365, and monitor license allocations.  

This module will cover managing domains in Microsoft 365.  You will learn how to add and configure additional domains, configure user identities for a new domain name, configure workloads for a new domain name, design a domain name configuration, set primary domain names, and verify a custom domain.

This module will cover how to determine the user and data migration methods needed and how to plan the migration.  You will learn how to identify data to be migrated and the method to be used, identify users and mailboxes to be migrated and the method to be used, and plan migration of on-premises users and groups.

This module will cover monitoring and online management of your tenant, including how to schedule and setup the reporting and using the built-in tools of the admin portal.  You will learn how to manage service health alerts, create and manage service requests, create an internal service health response plan, monitor service health, configure and review reports, schedule and review security and compliance reports, and schedule and review usage metrics.  

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