Design for Identity and Security
Christophe Lams
2 h 0 m
Lecture Overview
This is course two of the exam prep for AZ-301: Microsoft Azure Architect Design.The Design for Identity and Security course teaches design identity management, design authentication, design authorization, design for risk prevention and identity, and how to design a monitoring strategy for identity and security.

Related Learning Path(s):
AZ - 301 Microsoft Azure Architect Design
  • Identify compliance requirements, identity and access management infrastructure, and service-oriented architectures
  • Recommend changes during project execution (ongoing)
  • Define logical groupings (tags) for resources to be monitored
  • Determine levels and storage locations for logs
  • Plan for integration with monitoring tools
  • Recommend appropriate monitoring tool(s) for a solution
  • Specify mechanism for event routing and escalation
  • Design auditing for compliance requirements
  • Design auditing policies and traceability requirements
  • Advanced experience in networking
  • Advanced experience in virtualization
  • Advanced experience in identity
  • Advanced experience in security
  • Advanced experience in business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Advanced experience in data management
  • Advanced budgeting experience
  • Advanced governance experience
Lecture Modules
Students will learn how to choose an identity management approach, how to design an identity delegation strategy and identity repository.  Other topics include designing self-service identity management and user and personal provisioning, defining personas and roles, and recommending appropriate access control strategies.

Students will learn how to choose an authentication approach, how to design a single sign-on approach, and how to design for IPSec, login, multi-factor, network access, and remote authentication.

Students will learn how to choose an authorization approach, how to define access permissions and privileges, how to design secure delegated access, and recommend when and how to use API Keys.

Students will learn how to design a risk assessment strategy, how to evaluate agreements involving services or products from vendors and contractors, and how to update a solution design to address and mitigate changes to existing security policies, standards, guidelines, and procedures.

Students will learn how to design for alert notifications, design an alert and metrics strategy, and how to recommend authentication monitors.

In this case study, you will walk through a fictional scenario focused on Azure Security with customer requirements and objections and learn how to design a solution that meets the requirements.
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