Building Globally Distributed Databases with Cosmos DB
1 h 30 m
Lab Overview
The students will be able to describe and demonstrate the capabilities that Azure Cosmos DB can bring to an organization. They will be able to create a Cosmos DB instance and show how to upload and query data through a portal and through a .Net application. They will then be able to demonstrate how to enable global scale of the Cosmos DB database.

Related Learning Path(s):
DP-200: Implementing an Azure Data Solution
In this exercise, you will deploy your Cosmos DB instance.
In this exercise, you will setup your Azure Cosmos DB database and collection and run queries from the Azure portal.
In this exercise, you will replicate data to multiple regions and manage failover of Cosmos DB.
In this exercise, you will enable Azure Cosmos DB resources in Visual Studio Code, setup an application in Visual Studio Code, create, read, update, and delete NoSQL data programmatically, query using the Azure Cosmos DB .NET Core SDK and create and run stored procedures from your application.
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