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IL - Google Cloud Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure
Instructor-Led Training
1 Day
Onsite or Virtual
Course Overview
This one-day instructor-led class provides an overview of Google Cloud Platform products and services. Through a combination of presentations, demos, and hands-on labs, you will learn the value of Google Cloud Platform and how to incorporate cloud-based solutions into business strategies.
  • Purpose and value of Google Cloud Platform products and services
  • Interact with Google Cloud Platform services
  • Ways in which customers use Google Cloud Platform
  • Choose among and use application deployment environments on Google Cloud Platform: Google App Engine, Google Container Engine, and Google Compute Engine
  • Choose among and use Google Cloud Platform storage options: Google Cloud Storage, Google Cloud SQL, Google Cloud Bigtable, and Google Cloud Datastore
  • Use BigQuery, Google’s managed data warehouse for analytics
  • Familiarity with application development, Linux operating systems, systems operations, and data analytics/machine

Module 1: Introducing Google Cloud Platform

Explain the advantages of Google Cloud Platform

Define the components of Google's network infrastructure

Understand the difference between Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

Module 2: Getting Started with Google Cloud Platform

Identify the purpose of projects on Google Cloud Platform

Understand the purpose of and use cases for Identity and Access Management

List the methods of interacting with Google Cloud Platform

Module 3: Google App Engine and Google Cloud Datastore

Understand the purpose of and use cases for Google App Engine and Google Cloud Datastore

Contrast the App Engine Standard environment with the App Engine

Flexible environment

Understand the purpose of and use cases for Google Cloud Endpoints

Module 4: Google Cloud Platform Storage Options

Understand the purpose of and use cases for: Google Cloud Storage,Google Cloud SQL, and Google Cloud Bigtable

Learn how to choose between the various storage options on Google Cloud Platform

Module 5: Google Container Engine

Define the concept of a container and identify uses for containers

Identify the purpose of and use cases for Google Container Engine and Kubernetes

Deploying Applications Using Google Container Engine

Module 6: Google Compute Engine and Networking

Identify the purpose of and use cases for Google Compute Engine

Understand the various Google Cloud Platform networking and operational tools and services

Module 7: Big Data and Machine Learning

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