Identity for Cloud Applications
Alex Mang
0 h 44 m
Lecture Overview
Throughout this course we will delve into how the Azure Identity stack looks like, what Azure AD is, what the OAuth protocol is - you've probably heard of OAuth and how it completely changed the privacy and security story of the Internet - we'll use OAuth in our talks a alot. We will also talk about Graph API and why it is so important and last but certainly not least, we will cover the importance of Azure Active Directory B2B and B2C. Don't worry - even though these are a lot of topics to talk about, this is going to be a fun session!

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Lecture Modules
What Azure AD is and how to implement a new Azure AD tenant. What OAuth is and how to implement various OAuth authentication flows. What Graph API is and how to use Graph API to query data from various Office365 services. How to implement Azure AD B2B and Azure AD B2C services for seamless collaboration between partner companies and implement consumer authentication systems respectively.
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