Implement Platform Protection
Peter De Tender
3 h 17 m
Lecture Overview
This course is the 2nd in a series around Azure Security, reflecting on the Microsoft exam objectives as a starting point, but also covering broader topics than wat is required for the exam.This course has a core focus on what it takes to implement overall Azure platform protection. In the first module, we touch on several aspects of Azure Networking security, like custom routing, Network Security Groups, Application Security Groups and Azure Firewall. You will also learn about optimizing security of remote management to your Azure Virtual Machines. In the next module, we pinpoint the topic of host security, which covers endpoint protection deployment and configuration, Azure virtual machine hardening best practices and how to enable and configure system updates for your Azure-running virtual machines. The 3rd module brings you up to speed on containerizing applications and running them in different Azure container service resources like Azure Container Registry and Azure Container Instance, always focusing on the security aspect of these. Last, we also talk about Azure Kubernetes Services networking and security control. In the 4th and last module, you learn about Azure governance using Azure Policies, Role Based Access Control and how to set up subscription permissions.

Related Learning Path(s):
AZ - 500 Microsoft Azure Security Technologies
  • Configuring security in Azure networking.
  • Deploy and manage Network Security Groups and Application Security Groups.
  • Deploy and configure Azure Firewall.
  • Optimize security for virtual machine remote management.
  • Implementing host security for Azure virtual machines.
  • Hardening best practices for Azure VMs.
  • Configuring and deploying container security in Azure container service resources.
  • Security and Network concepts of Azure Kubernetes Services.
  • Implementing Azure Governance using Azure Policies and Role Based Access Control.
Lecture Modules
In this module you will learn about Azure virtual networking security features. Starting from custom routing, we cover Network Security Group deployment and management, as well as Application Security Groups. You learn about deploying Azure Firewall. Last, you learn about Azure Just-in-Time VM Access, a feature of Azure Security Center, optimizing security of remote management of Azure VMs.
In this module you will learn about securing your Azure-running virtual machines. We start with explaining how to deploy endpoint protection, followed by describing and walking you through Azure virtual machine hardening and running system updates on your Azure VMs.
In this module you will learn about the different Azure services and resources, offering container services in Azure. More important, we focus on the security aspect of these services. You will learn how to deploy and protect Azure Container Registry, and how to run your containers in a secured way using Azure Container Instance. Next, we cover the network and security complexity of Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS).
In this module, learners will go over the security aspect of controlling your Azure subscriptions and Azure resources, covering Azure Resource Locks, Azure Role Based Access Control, how to deploy and manage Azure Policy and Policy Initiatives, ending with some overall guidance on subscription and resource permissions, and how to manage those.
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