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IL - Implementing a Hybrid Cloud on Azure
Instructor-Led Training
5 Day
Onsite or Virtual
Course Overview

This 5-day training course is designed for cloud architects and IT professionals that have experience with Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Services (IaaS) that want to extend their knowledge into management and operations of a Hybrid Cloud solution. This course will prime the student on hybrid networking concepts and architectures such as ExpressRoute, Site-to- Site, and Point-to-Site. Students will learn how to use Operations Management Suite to monitor, backup, and implement a disaster recovery solution for workloads in their environment. Students will also extensively explore how to use Azure Automation to automate workloads on-premises and in Azure. This course teaches Azure Site Recovery and Operations Management Suite including Azure Backup.

  • Understand Advanced Networking Scenarios for a Hybrid Cloud Environment
  • Implement Azure Site Recovery for Disaster Recovery between on-premises and Azure and Azure to Azure
  • Implement Operations Management Suite for Monitoring and Automation
  • Implement Azure Backup for Business Continuity
  • Experience with Azure Virtual Machines, Virtual Networks, and command line tools (PowerShell or Azure CLI)

MODULE 1: Building a Hybrid Cloud with Azure 

In this module, the student will be introduced to hybrid cloud concepts, use cases, and understand the overall offerings available when building a hybrid cloud using Microsoft Azure.

MODULE 2: Hybrid Cloud Networking
In this module, students will learn how to implement advanced networking scenarios such as site-to-site, point-to-site and an in-depth understanding of Azure ExpressRoute. Students will learn how to use user defined routing to deploy virtual network appliances and implement parameter networks.

Architecture Design Session: Building an Enterprise Class Network

Module 3: Managing a Hybrid Cloud with Operations Management Suite

In this module, the student will learn how to take control of the hybrid cloud with Operations Management Suite (OMS). This module will focus on using Azure Automation for enterprise wide optimization and Log Analytics to analyze in real-time workloads in Azure, on-premises or even in other clouds. They will learn key capabilities and use cases for Azure Site Recovery, Azure Backup, and Azure Automation for protecting and managing hybrid workloads.  Students will understand how Operations Management Suite brings these technologies together under a consistent management and monitoring experience.

Architecture Design Session: Architecting a Hybrid Management Solution

MODULE 4: Optimize the Enterprise with Azure Automation 

This module provides a deep-dive understanding of Azure Automation – a cloud based automation engine hosted on Microsoft Azure. Students will learn the capability of Azure Automation as well as each component such as runbooks, modules, web hooks, Azure Automation DSC, etc. This module will also cover topics such as runbook and Integration Modules development guidelines, and how Azure Automation can be integrated with other applications and Azure services such as OMS Log Analytics, Azure Site Recovery, etc.

Module 5: Protecting Enterprise Workloads with Azure Site Recovery
In this module, students will learn how to configure Azure Site Recovery to protect on-premises workloads hosted in VMware, Hyper-V, and physical servers by configuring failover to Microsoft Azure. Students will gain an understanding of the infrastructure required for the solution and how to enable advanced scenarios such as failback.  Topics will include replication between on-premises to on-premises, and on-premises to Azure, as well as best practices for capacity planning and monitoring.

Module 6: Implementing Azure Backup
In this module, the student will learn how to backup data and workload specific data using the Azure Backup Service. Students will become familiar with the Microsoft Azure Backup architecture, capabilities, and use cases such as agent based, fabric, and integration with Data Protection Manager (DPM) to facilitate backup of SQL Server, Exchange, and SharePoint workloads as well as the Azure Backup Server capabilities that provide similar abilities in smaller environments. 

Dedicated Training
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