Implementing Azure Blueprints - Lab
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Lab Overview
In this lab you will learn how to create, publish and assign an Azure Blueprint. You will also learn how to update a Blueprint draft, publish additional Blueprint versions, and update a Blueprint assignment.In addition, this lab will explore Blueprint locks and how they are implemented by the Blueprints service.This lab also shows how to export your Blueprint as JSON files, and how to edit these files to configure deployment dependencies and to streamline Blueprint parameters.In this lab, you will assign your Blueprint using a user-assigned Managed Identity. This provides you with full control over the Azure RBAC permissions used for Blueprint assignment. It also avoids the need for the user to have have subscription Owner permissions, which are required when using system-assigned Managed Identity.

Related Learning Path(s):
Implementing Azure Governance
Azure Solutions Architect Expert (AZ 303 and AZ 304)
In this exercise, you will use the Azure Portal to create a new Blueprint, and to add examples of each type of Blueprint artifact to the Blueprint. The artifact types are resource groups, Resource Manager templates, policy assignments and role-based access control (RBAC) assignments.
In this exercise, you will first publish the draft Blueprint created in Exercise 1. You will then assign the Blueprint to your subscription, using a Managed Identity which you will also create and configure. Once the assignment is complete, you will then inspect the deployed environment the Blueprint assignment has created.
In this exercise, you will first add an additional artifact to the Blueprint, to deploy a peering connection between the hub and spoke virtual networks defined in the Blueprint. This artifact must be deployed after the virtual network artifacts. To control the deployment sequence, you will export the Blueprint JSON files and work at the JSON level to set the deployment dependencies. You will also edit the JSON files to streamline the parameters used by the Blueprint. To finish, you will re-import the Blueprint from the JSON files, publish an updated version, and modify the existing Blueprint assignment to ues this new version.
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