Implementing Azure Role Based Access Control
Jonathan Tuliani
0 h 49 m
Lecture Overview
This is course two of seven in the Implementing Azure Governance learning path. Role-based access control is a fundamental pillar of good governance in Azure. Properly deployed, it enables an organization to control how users access and administer the organization’s Azure resources, implementing a ‘least privilege’ model in which users have only the permissions they need, to only the resources they need. This course provides a deep-dive into role-based access control in Azure. The course starts by explaining how user and system identities are managed in Azure AD, and how Azure roles are defined. It then explains how roles can be assigned, and how multiple role assignments interact. Finally, the course shows how you can implement tailored access control policies by creating and assigning your own custom role definitions.

Related Learning Path(s):
Implementing Azure Governance
  • How identity and access control are implemented in Azure
  • How to view and understand an Azure role definition
  • How to create custom role definitions
  • How to assign role definitions to users or other Azure AD identities
  • Fundamentals of Microsoft Azure
Lecture Modules
This course forms part of the Azure Governance learning path here on  Azure role-based access control, also known as RBAC for short, is one of the fundamental services used to implement governance and security in Azure, so it's important to develop a solid understanding of the service. In this class, we'll start with a short introduction to what Azure RBAC is, and how it relates to user identities in Azure Active Directory. We'll then look in detail at the Azure built-in roles, including how a role definition is structured and how RBAC roles compare with other roles such as Azure Active Directory and Azure 'classic' administrator roles. Next, we'll examine role assignment, including a discussion of assignment scope, and deny assignments. We'll also look at how to assign roles using both the Azure portal and command-line tools. Finally, we'll study custom role definitions, showing you how to create your own custom role definitions.

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