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IL - Implementing and Operating Azure Stack
Instructor-Led Training
5 Day
Onsite or Virtual
Course Overview
This 5 day training course is designed for cloud architects, cloud administrators, DevOps engineers, and IT professionals that have experience with Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Services (IaaS) and Platform Services (PaaS). This course will focus on architecting, deploying, and managing Microsoft's enterprise hybrid cloud solution Azure Stack. This course covers scenarios such as Azure Stack Architecture, deploying and configuring Azure Stack to be enterprise ready, configuring Azure Stack for tenants, region management, monitoring, backup and disaster recovery. 
  • Understand when to implement Azure Stack including use cases and best practices
  • Understand the core architecture of Azure Stack
  • Understand resource providers and types and how to manage and deploy resources
  • Understand the tools and technologies used with Azure Stack for management, automation and monitoring
  • Understand how to setup tenants and manage and monitor Azure Stack resources
  • Experience with Azure (ARM), Virtual Networks, Azure storage, Windows Server 2012+, Visual Studio, and command line tools (PowerShell or Azure CLI)

MODULE 1: Hybrid Cloud Overview

In this module, you will learn all about Hybrid Cloud. Topics will include an overview of the Hybrid Cloud market, the future of Hybrid Cloud, what Hybrid Cloud means in a Microsoft world and why you should care about hybrid cloud. Hybrid Cloud is a change in the world of IT and requires a different way of thinking about IT and new skills for this new world this module covers these areas giving clarification for IT professionals and setting the stage to learn about Azure Stack.

MODULE 2: Azure Stack Overview

In this module, you will learn about Azure Stack and what it is, what it means in the Microsoft all up cloud story. This module will also give students a foundation for the rest of this class through key concepts and terminology.

Module 3: Azure Resource Manager Overview

In this module, you will learn about Azure Resource Manager (ARM). ARM is used to power Azure and it is used to power Azure Stack as well. Knowing ARM is a critical foundational step in learning about Azure Stack as well as deploying and managing it. In this module students will learn about resources and resource groups, resource providers, role based access control and more in the context of Azure Stack.

Module 4: Azure Stack Architecture Overview

In this module, attendees will take a deep dive into the architecture of Azure Stack. Within this module the following topics will be covered how the Azure Stack architecture maps to Azure, monitoring, backup and disaster recovery of Azure Stack, an all up detailed view into the Azure Stack architecture and then a dive into each of the Azure Stack architecture layers and how they interact with each other from ARM,

Module 5: Deployment

In this module, attendees will learn how to prepare for and deploy Azure Stack. In this module we will look at the hardware needed, networking, storage, authentication more in regards to deploying Azure Stack. The students will also get a chance to walk through an Azure Stack deployment simulation and learn about any “gotchas” they need to watch out for as a part of the deployment.

Module 6: Azure Stack Tools and Resources

In this module, attendees will explore the Azure Stack tools and how they can be used to enhance the Azure Stack experience from deployment, configuration and on-going management.

Module 7: Configuring Azure Stack

In this module, attendees will learn the ins and outs of configuring an Azure Stack instance after it has been deployed. Students will learn how to work with compute, provision VM’s, setup a site to site VPN, identity, and the Azure Stack market place.

MODULE 8: Resource Providers

In this module, the attendee will learn about the resource providers that are available for Azure Stack as well as how to deploy them.

Module 9: Configuring Azure Stack for tenants

In this module, attendees will learn all about how to setup and configure to be ready for tenants. This module will give the student the knowledge they need to extend Azure Stack to the cloud consumer.

Module 10: Azure Stack Management

In this module, attendees will explore the region learn how to configure and manage regions within Azure Stack. Students will also get a chance to explore and configure the management focused resource providers as well as setup backup and external monitoring.

Dedicated Training
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