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 Implementing Azure Virtual Networks

Course Overview

This course provides an in-depth examination of Microsoft Azure Virtual Networks and hybrid connectivity starting from introductory concepts through advanced capabilities of the platform. The student will learn about options for connecting securely to a virtual network from an on-premises network or from another virtual network in Azure. This course will discuss configuration options with site-to-site, point-to-site, and introduce the student to Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute.

This course will help you prepare for Microsoft Exam 70-533 - Implementing Azure Infrastructure Solutions.

Course Details
  • Video Length: 1 hours, 16 minutes, 3 seconds
  • Lab: 0 hours, 0 minutes, 0 seconds
  • Published: 2017-05-11
  • Level: 300

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Course Objectives

What You Will Learn
  • Understand key capabilities of Azure Virtual Networks
  • Learn how to configure a VPN gateway to connect multiple regions in Azure
  • Learn how to configure virtual network peering
  • Learn how to configure point-to-site connectivity
  • Understand when to use peering, point-to-site, site-to-site, or ExpressRoute

Course Pre-Requisites

  • Understanding of networking concepts such as TCP/IP, subnetting and VPN technologies.

Course Modules

Module 1: Site-to-Site VPN

In this module, you will be learn the details of configuring site-to-site VPN to enable connectivity between multiple networks an an Azure Virtual Network.

Module 2: Point-to-Site VPN

In this module, you will be learn the details of configuring point-to-site VPN to allow one or more individual computers to securely connect to an Azure Virtual Network.

Module 3: Virtual Network Peering

In this module, you will learn how to connect Azure Virtual Networks using peering in combination with other connectivity options.

Lab: Introduction to Virtual Network Connectivity

In this lab, you will create 3 virtual networks in two different regions. You will configure site-to-site connectivity between the regions using a VPN Gateway. You will next configure a client machine (the lab virtual machine) to connect to one of the virtual networks using point-to-site connectivity. Finally, you will configure virtual network to virtual network connectivity using virtual network peering. This will also allow traffic from the 3rd virtual network to transit over the VPN gateway. 

Note: This lab is similar to the labs in the Azure Infrastructure as a Service class. It is designed for students that want to dive right in. 

Module 4: ExpressRoute

In this module, the student will be introduced to core concepts in Azure ExpressRoute and learn how it can be utilized as a global connectivity solution.

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