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Implementing Office 365 – Requirements and Getting Started
3 h 30 m
Lab Overview

In this hands-on lab, you will learn how to provision Office 365 and learn key management and administrative tasks. This lab will help you prepare for exams 70-346 and 70-347.

Note: Instructions for creating an Office 365 E5 trial tenant are in the lab and is a requirement to complete this lab.

  • You will need to create a trial tenant at
In this exercise, you will start by creating your own Office 365 Tenant.  Once it’s been created we’ll walk through signing into your tenant and then signing up for Microsoft.  We will go through the various aspects of the FastTrack program and go over how you can get a Pilot started for your organization.  Finally, we will wrap up this lab by logging into the Office 365 Admin Portal and going through and Overview Office 365 Administration and Management.

In this exercise, you will create and edit user utilizing both the browser as well as PowerShell.  It will also walk you through installing the necessary perquisites to be able to write PowerShell for working with Office 365.

In this exercise, you will start by creating an Azure Subscription (if you don’t already have one) for use later in the lab.  Once created you will go over managing the Administrative Roles in Office 365.  Next you will go over some of the password settings.  Both setting password expiration policies as well as allowing users to reset their own passwords.  If passwords aren’t secure enough, we will follow up with how to configure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for even greater security.  Lastly, we will cover Rights Management (RMS) and how to get up and running so you can incorporate it into your various services.  Lastly, if you have some extra time and a domain you own (or you want to go spend $12 for the year to purchase one) we will walk through setting up that custom domain on your tenant and using that instead of the pesky ““ subdomain.

In this exercise, you will dive into insuring you have configured your Office 365 tenant correctly as well as that your end users can access the necessary services from within you network.  There are tools, both online and client, that you can use for testing connectivity.  You will also learn how to use PowerShell to view or download health data and other reports from your Office 365 tenant.  Will wrap up with three exercises looking at audit logs.  We’ll start by enabling activity reporting across your entire tenant.  Next, we’ll look at the admin audit log and how you can perform an export of that audit log to be sent to your email.  Finally, we’ll walk through the admin audit log report and the options available in the audit log search.  You may have to wait some time to perform this exercise as it can take a few hours for everything you enabled in Exercise 4 is ready to use in Exercise 6.  You also have to have some activity within your tenant to report about.

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