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Implementing Secure Azure Networks with Check Point Cloudguard
2 h 5 m
Lab Overview
In this lab, you will deploy a Check Point CloudGuard and use it to secure traffic for an Azure Virtual Network. This lab will teach you how to configure user defined routes for the virtual appliance as well as how to configure NAT for a machine with no public endpoint.
  • Learn how to deploy a Check Point CloudGuard virtual machine
  • Learn how to configure user defined routes
  • Understand how to block or allow traffic from specific subnets
  • Understand the setup and configuration of Check Point Cloudguard in Azure
In this exercise, you will login to the LABVM virtual machine and then login to the Azure Portal. Afterwards, you will set the execution policy for PowerShell script execution.
In this exercise, you will deploy Check Point Cloudguard virtual machine. You will then configure the virtual network to support a web server and deploy a web server into the virtual network.
In this exercise, you will then configure the necessary routes, policies and NAT rules to direct traffic through the Check Point Cloudguard appliance and allow access to your web server.
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